Scanners for sale or rent

Rental scanner periods range from 1 week to multiple months

Scan Count Pro

Retail Scanners

• Compact and Portable

• Battery Life up to 14 Hours

• Fast commercial grade scanners


Brands Available: Honeywell and Zebra

Scan Count Pro

Mobile Hot Spot

• Create a Network Anywhere

• Compatible with Barcode Scanners and Laptops

• Ideal for Warehouses with Dead Zones (e.g. rented space)

• Ideal for Conference Centers to avoid Clogged Networks

Make It Accurate. Make It Count.


Do Your Own Counts with Meticulous Support

A self-scan model delivers much greater inventory accuracy compared with third-party vendors. It’s also easier to plan for and manage since you aren’t depending on another company—and a lot more cost-effective. Receive expert support at every step and address any issues that arise with safeguards and audit trails.

Senior experienced female employee of the store conducts an inventory of goods, uses a tablet computer

Avoid rising fees and disruptive cancelations when you use your own staff to conduct counts. You’ll save 25–50% on costs and forgo the time-consuming redundancy of rechecking the external vendor’s work.

Start counting right away with fast implementation. SmartCount is a turnkey and intuitive solution that’s ready to deploy right from the box

Benefit from meticulous guidance, 24/7 help desk assistance, staff training and the expertise that comes with 40 years of experience helping thousands of customers successfully integrate SmartCount into their existing workflows

See inventory in real time as counts happen. Make the best corrective decision when you’re armed with accurate and up-to-the-minute counts.

Hold your own teams responsible. Link inventory counts to performance to drive employee investment in counting events and store success.

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