Intermec SR61

Intermec SR61 Barcode Scanner

Intermec’s SR61 incorporates industry leading technology into both a corded and cordless handheld scanner perfect for stand-alone data collection. Wireless version interfaces to Bluetooth-enabled hosts in rugged, industrial environments. It is available in the following scan options: linear, area imaging for 1D and 2D, and laser for 1D imaging.

The Intermec SR61 handheld scanner meets the needs of rugged applications in warehouse, distribution center and industrial manufacturing settings. The SR61 is engineered to withstand the abuse of industrial environments and to satisfy user demands that handheld scanners be as durable as forklifts. Its high impact house is virtually impenetrable, and its solid state design provides protection where dust, moisture or extreme temperatures are constants and production uptime is critical.

Cordless versions of the SR61 handheld scanner incorporate the flexibility and rugged design of a handheld scanner with the seamless functionality of wireless communication. The SR61 features a personal area network (PAN) radio based on Bluetooth® communication protocol, making scanning easier and safer with no costly cables to damage or become entangled. Users gain hassle-free mobility up to 30 meters (100 feet) from the host.


  • Auto-adapting interface enables fast and easy connectivity
  • Interface flexibility reduces need for multiple devices, saving costs
  • Common POS peripherals and software supported
  • Aggressive scan rate
  • Patented Vista scanning technology reads damaged or poorly printed bar codes
  • Easy configuration and personalizationSupports data editing
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
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