How do I configure Basic TE on Honeywell scanners?

How do I configure Basic TE on Honeywell scanners?

This article is applicable to Honeywell CK65, CT45 and related devices.

About Basic TE
Basic TE is a terminal emulation software pre-installed on Honeywell scanners such as the CK65 and CT45. It is the direct replacement to ITE on Intermec scanners such as the CK3 and CK71s.

Emulation Types Supported: VT100, VT220, 5250
Not Supported: 3270 (Use Smart TE or Wavelink instead)

Access the Basic TE User Guide here:

An alternate app to consider is Smart TE which is also pre-loaded on Honeywell scanners. Smart TE has several key advantages including doing a better job of avoiding dropped sessions.

Honeywell Launcher
For the best experience, we recommend Basic TE to be used in combination with Honeywell Launcher which is also pre-loaded on Honeywell Android scanners such as the CK65. Honeywell Launcher restricts the user to access only Basic TE and possibly other apps. Example: With Launcher enabled, the device starts up and Basic TE launches automatically. The user does not have access to Settings, they cannot access the Chrome browser, and they cannot access the Google Play store to install other apps.

Go to the Honeywell Launcher article for help with its installation.

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