Dolphin CT40 Mobile Computer

The Dolphin CT40 is a sleek, enterprise-class, full-touch device built on Android. The CT40 provides a seamless experience and speeds up workflows such as inventory lookup, inventory management, in-store merchandising, and order picking for in-store pickup or delivery.

  • Powerful and rugged
  • Designed for retail store associates
  • Highly mobile functionality
  • Enhanced data capture speed
  • Extended Reading range performance.
  • LED dot aimer
  • Syncs with Honeywell Connected applications as well as third-party applications (MDM, Push-to-talk, VoIP) in order to maximize efficiency.


  • Dimensions – 6.4 in x 3.0 in x 0.7 in
  • 2 GB or 4 GB DDR4 RAM memory, 32 GB Flash memory
  • Honeywell N3601, N6603, N6703 Slim Images (1D/2D barcode symbologies), Honeywell SDKs for Android
  • 13-megapixel color camera with autofocus


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