CK3X Mobile Computer

Mobile Versatility by Intermec
The Intermec CK3X Mobile Computer Kit is a rugged and capable data collection device with secure wireless communications. Because of these features it can handle a large variety of data collection and communication requirements.

Intermect CK3X is Rugged
The Intermec CK3X Mobile Computer is a barcode reader that offers a wide range of options. This translates into a barcode reader that can easily adapt to many applications in warehouses and stores. The CK3X Mobile Computer can help your business improve operations by simplifying IT support and controlling operating costs.

Another advantage is that the CK3X Mobile Computer is available with terminal emulation software that allows organizations with older Intermec barcode readers to easily migrate to the CK3X. In addition, the CK3X uses the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5, and Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) certification, allowing an effortless interface with Cisco wireless networks. These features also provide a robust architecture that allows the CK3X to to run enterprise-level applications.

The CK3X is fast and easy to deploy and maintain. Its management system allows users to connect to computers in the network, configure settings, and install software remotely. This automated device management system decreases the required IT involvement and reduces costs.


  • Rugged design for industrial use but compact enough for a retail environment
  • Advanced architecture for running warehouse and in-store applications
  • Advanced imaging and optional RFID capabilities
  • Voice and speech functions and automatic remote device management help improve productivity
  • 802.11a/b/g and Bluetooth radio communications


  • AC Power Supply
  • USB Host/Client Single Dock with Spare Battery
  • Ethernet Quad DockPowered Vehicle Dock
  • Screen Protector Kit


  • 3.5″ 240 x 320 pixel screen
  • LED trans-reflective touch screen
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