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Scan Count Pro is the best service for businesses to count inventory with their own employees. Our service includes software for physical inventory counting, barcode scanners, and professional support.

  • Fast Physical Inventory Counting
  • Barcode Scanners Delivered Quickly
  • Most Accurate Inventory With Your Personnel

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About ScanCount Pro

Scan Count Pro is developed and maintained by MSS Software. MSS Software has been in business since 1984 supporting customers with barcode based data collection technology for inventory control purposes.

Barcode Scanner Models

Scan Count Pro provides the scanners along with the software so you have a ready-to-work solution upon delivery.

Top-of-Line Models

Thousands of top-of-line models from Honeywell and Zebra ready to ship on short notice

New Devices

Current generation scanners, not old trade ins

Flexible Network

Able to work offline without Internet

Diverse Users

Suitable for retail, warehouse, manufacturing and more

Latest Generation Scanner Models
Spare Units Provided
Able to work offline
Customized Configurations
Extra Spare Batteries


Proven Process

Follow our proven process for streamlined inventory count. Little to no experience with barcode scanners required. Our process is proven to work with retailers, warehouses and more.

Dedicated Team

Your team knows your inventory better than a 3rd party possibly can. Our team will be available every step of the way. 

Minimal Training

Fast setup and minimal training required means fast deployment, increased accuracy and money saved. 

Our software helps innovative businesses across retail

Improved Accuracy in Real-Time of Perishable and Non-Perishable Store Inventory.

Our process reduces the inventory counting time of many perishable items by several hours and can save resources for a typical  store with ScanCount Pro.


Years of Experience

At Scan Count Pro we have been servicing customers in the inventory counting industry for over 35 years.


Happy Clients

Our volume speaks for itself. We have worked with over 2,500 clients and continue to service them since 1984.


Scanner Products

We offer over 1000 barcode scanners, readers and solutions including wireless and batch terminals.

Resources to Help Optimize Inventory Management

Make It Accurate. Make It Count.


Do Your Own Counts with Meticulous Support

A self-scan model delivers much greater inventory accuracy compared with third-party vendors. It’s also easier to plan for and manage since you aren’t depending on another company—and a lot more cost-effective. Receive expert support at every step and address any issues that arise with safeguards and audit trails.

Senior experienced female employee of the store conducts an inventory of goods, uses a tablet computer

Avoid rising fees and disruptive cancelations when you use your own staff to conduct counts. You’ll save 25–50% on costs and forgo the time-consuming redundancy of rechecking the external vendor’s work.

Start counting right away with fast implementation. SmartCount is a turnkey and intuitive solution that’s ready to deploy right from the box

Benefit from meticulous guidance, 24/7 help desk assistance, staff training and the expertise that comes with 40 years of experience helping thousands of customers successfully integrate SmartCount into their existing workflows

See inventory in real time as counts happen. Make the best corrective decision when you’re armed with accurate and up-to-the-minute counts.

Hold your own teams responsible. Link inventory counts to performance to drive employee investment in counting events and store success.

What Our Clients Say...


Hanns S.

IT Director
MSS Software on every occasion answered our calls, both after hours and weekends and helped us get through the setup. They made the installation on their machines as simple as possible and when obstacles arose, they worked with us to help us solve them.
This is not by any means typical support…this is EXTRAORDINARY support that we were not even billed for, so I am taking the time to write this so other future customers will know what an outstanding company MSS Software is to work with. Well done and please keep up the great work!



Jeffrey S.

Executive Managing Officer

Insights and Scanning Equipment recommend and provided by MSS-Software increased our Warehouse Team’s productivity by 50% for our Annual Physical Inventory process.

MSS-Software programmers were able to deliver all the program enhancements we needed in the crunch timeline that we required.

MSS-Software is responsive, quick and a pleasure to work and deal with!


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